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NV Drunk Bunnies After Dark 13.5%
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NV Drunk Bunnies After Dark 13.5%
NV Drunk Bunnies After Dark 13.5%

Drunk Bunnies After Dark Sweet Red Wine 7.5% Sugar Residual

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The Story of the Drunk Bunnies at Somerset

Somerset Vineyard & Winery has 13 acres of vineyards, grassy gardens and white rose bushes and is the happy home to a healthy population of cute, cottontail rabbits.

During harvest season, we hand pick our grapes and drop any imperfect clusters on the ground so the natural nutrients compost into our soil.  Our resident bunnies appreciate the leftover grapes, but about two weeks after harvest a unique phenomenon begins to occur.  We can see the bunnies start to hop in circles and oddly running into chairs and trees.  We realized that the dropped grapes begin fermenting and turning the grapes into alcohol.  So, in short, our bunnies are "drunk!"

Come visit Somerset Vineyard & Winery and watch the happiest bunnies in the Temecula Valley!