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November 2 6:00 PM

Qvevri Amphorae Wine Tasting Experience-Thursdays

Thursday, November 2, 2023

1 day advanced booking is required.

Price: FREE - $110.00 Duration: 1 hr 30 min Group Size: 1 - 0 Guests

Special Event Hosted by Wine Maker or Owner - Join Us For An Elevated One Of A Kind Tasting Experience And Enjoy Wines Aged The Old World Way!

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Special Event Hosted by Wine Maker or Owner

Experience a taste of all our current Qvevri Amphorae wine offerings along with small artisan bites.

Qvevri Amphorae Club Members - Complimentary (One time per year, up to 4 guests, as part of your benefits)

My Way Members - Complimentary (One time per year, up to 2 guests, as part of your benefits)

Wine Club Members - $55

Non-Members $110


Somerset is the first and only winery in Southern California to practice the Ancient Art of Terracotta Winemaking. Employing a variety of hand-crafted vessels imported from Italy, our Amphorae wines are aged in terracotta clay, the same method used by the ancient Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians. The result is an array of elegant, focused, and food-friendly wines more characteristic of the grape variety and terroir than wines made with conventional methods. 


The earliest evidence of winemaking was discovered in Georgia, in Eastern Europe, where wine residue was found in an 8,000-year-old Qvevri (KEV-ree). Qvevris are giant clay vessels, made without handles, used to make wine in cool, underground locations.  

Amphorae vessels are also made of terracotta clay, but they are often smaller, and include handles for carrying them. Here at Somerset, we use both Qvevri and Amphorae vessels. 

Our Amphorae are all imported from Italy, where centuries-old traditions of terracotta-making and fine artistry are used to hand-craft each piece on the potter’s wheel. The vessels are made from the finest clay in the world and take months to make, ensuring purity and longevity.

Cancellation policy - Cancellations must be done in writing a minimum of 72 hours prior to event to receive a refund.  No refunds or credits for no shows.  Please email your cancellation request or booking questions to or